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The Albany skyline.

A founding principle of New York States of Mind is that there’s more than one way of looking at the same thing. Meet two of NYSOM’s friends in Albany: Judy and Jodi. Read on for their unique Albany states of mind, verbatim.

The best resources for learning about Albany:

Your go-to locale for…

The hotel you always book or recommend to friends, and why:

  • JUDY sends guests to: Union Gables [in] Saratoga Springs. It’s elegant, but cozy and inviting. And it’s just down the street from the Saratoga Race Course…no better place [to be] during the Saratoga racing season.

The ONE thing visitors must see or do, and why:

Your favorite hidden (or not so anymore) gem, and why:

Number of hours or days required in town for the “full” experience:

  • JUDY declares: 4 hours will cover the highlights.
  • JODI says: 6 [hours]

The town is great for what type of visitor:


  • Mostly those interested in politics or political history. [However,] it’s a great jumping-off point to explore Saratoga [Springs], the Adirondacks or the Hudson Valley.

JODI thinks Albany is perfect for people who like to:

  • CELEBRATE (the host with the most/ladies who lunch)
  • DECORATE (the shopper with great style)
  • RECREATE (the adventure-seekers and fitness gurus)
  • And who: Historicate! Albany has wonderful tours and history, beyond the “curate” title above. I recommend Quackenbush Square or a local boat tour.

The town is best explored by…

  • JUDY: Car
  • JODI: Foot

The town is best explored in what season?

  • JUDY: Spring, Summer.
  • JODI: Autumn.

[Photo Credit: Wikipedia.]