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The March 2016 Issue

July 22, 2018

Kathleen Willcox

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Kathleen Willcox

Hudson Valley

After 12 years in NYC, Kathleen ran for the Hudson Valley hills. Published in The Daily Beast, Bust Magazine and Gastronomica, she explores offbeat cultural and foodie happenings near Carmel with her husband and twins.

Slavery in the North was less documented and systematic than it was in South, but no less real. In recent years, a great deal of research has been done on the history of slavery in the Hudson Valley, unearthing evidence that slavery was often just as prevalent as it was in the South. While the Underground Railroad did make inroads in the Hudson Valley, passage to New York… Read More »

Cocktail and dinner parties have long been dominated by oenophiles discussing the buttery, jammy, oaky and vanilla flavors of wine, but tea time has arrived. This moment seems somewhat overdue given that tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world aside from water. On any given day, more than 158 million Americans are drinking tea, but few of us were putting much thought into it, until… Read More »

In an ideal world, summer camp is an escape from school-year monotony into the woods — a time for children to run free and tap in to the natural world. Six New Paltz-area parents founded Wild Earth, a nonprofit that offers nature-based programs, with the idea of connecting youth to the great outdoors, creating a culture of mentoring, and building a bucolic community resource. The founders had no… Read More »

In May, flowers burst forth from the awakening soil, and students pour out of schools and universities, prepared to finally bloom in the wide world after many seasons of careful seed-planting and growth. Thought to be named for the Greek goddess Maia, “of the lovely black eyes,” the month of May bears the spirit of the goddess who embodies the concept of growth, and is the ideal avatar… Read More »

Every movement needs an engine, and Severine Von Tscharner Fleming helps keep Hudson Valley farmers running. As the director of The Greenhorns, a grassroots organization that works to support new farmers in America, this Hudson Valley-based activist, farmer and organizer has managed to marry old-school farming wisdom with modern tech smarts. Her goal is to help farmers navigate the increasingly competitive commercial farming landscape. As she will be… Read More »

What’s a fair food budget for a family of five? What about $1.79 a day, or $0.36 per person? While few will agree on what qualifies as “fair,” no one would expect $0.36 to provide the nutrition necessary to fuel an adult or growing child for 24 hours. But 10 years ago, that’s what Diane Reeder and her family subsisted on. Waking one morning in 2003, Ms. Reeder… Read More »

Carmel is kind of a hick town, and we like that it way. You won’t find a Whole Foods, upscale boutiques, fancy coffee shops or cool indie music joints. But you also won’t find the semi-suburban sprawl, the snotty attitudes, the high property taxes or the rampant consumerism that has managed to creep its way into much of the Hudson Valley. There’s a little downtown area on Gleneida… Read More »

On a dark April night in 1777, as cold rain lashed, 16-year-old Sybil Ludington embarked on a lonely and very adult journey. The daughter of Colonel Henry Ludington is a relatively unknown heroine of the American Revolutionary War. However she, like the much-celebrated Paul Revere, rode solo through the night to alert American forces of the British approach. And at 40 miles, her ride was twice that of… Read More »

Alpacas are the indie heartthrobs of the ungulate family. Quirky, long-legged, exotic and prized for their luxurious, colorful coats, alpacas are cherished as unique beauties and beloved as much for their whimsical appearance — straight out of the imagination of Dr. Seuss — as they are for their relative obscurity. However, alpacas may be gearing up for a commercial breakthrough. Steve McCarthy, who runs the 48-acre Spruce Ridge… Read More »

Vacations shouldn’t have to require hideous waits, grim-faced attendants and abysmal cuisine before you get to the good stuff. Score the treat you travel for without the hassle. In the Hudson Valley, there are dozens of freelance chefs offering creative lessons in a full range of cuisines, plus the vaunted Culinary Institute of America, just waiting to whisk you away to a different world. Check out our favorite… Read More »

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