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The March 2016 Issue

July 21, 2018


Challenges arise in profiling a company whose processes are hard to explain. Though that isn’t to say that there aren’t stories to tell. The self-described “world’s foremost custom fabricator of architectural metal,” Milgo/BUFKIN has generated more than its fair share of larger-than-life tales while, remarkably, playing close to the vest. Just like its owner and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Gitlin, Milgo/BUFKIN is about as New York as it… Read More »

It is a bridge of steel and light. Against a dark sky, five arches fitted with an LED light show in resplendent, changing colors are a celebration of the friendship between two neighboring countries. We’re talking about the Peace Bridge, a significant conduit connecting the United States, Canada and the fabulousness in both locales. Spanning 3,580 feet from abutment to abutment, the Peace Bridge consists of three lanes… Read More »

Caitlin Wicker moved to Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn just three years ago with her fiancé, their cat, Alice, and her own stuffed animal from childhood — a racoon hand puppet creatively dubbed “Raccoonie.” Ms. Wicker’s story as a maker began in her senior year at the University of Minnesota (she hails from the Twin Cities), in search for a gift to replace her sister’s beloved stuffed rabbit, Pinksey; “Pinksey… Read More »

Confident that he could craft any piece of machinery to perfection — be it wheeled or winged — Glenn Hammond Curtiss was an innovator who was correct more often than not. Born in 1878, Mr. Curtiss’ entree to the world of mechanical engineering began in the 1890s while racing bicycles for Hammondsport bike shop owner Jim Smellie. Mr. Curtiss subsequently opened his own bicycle storefront in 1899, succinctly… Read More »

When Pfizer closed its doors on its Flushing Avenue facility in 2008, the eight-story, 660,000 square foot structure was left hauntingly empty for almost three years. Then, in 2011, Acumen Capital Partners purchased the site for $26 million. The firm, known for brewing new businesses in older buildings, pursues “environmentally sustainable renovations that attract companies who share a similar corporate philosophy.” Nearly two years after acquiring Flushing Avenue’s… Read More »

Entrenched in the urban landscape of Albany’s Arbor Hill neighborhood, an area that borders the downtown section of the city and is known for poverty and crime, stands a beacon of hope. It is a four-story residential and commercial building at the corner of North Swan Street and Second Street called the Albany Barn, offering a new destination for art, creativity and collaboration. The Albany Barn opened its… Read More »

Imagine waking up at 2:30 a.m. and working 14-hours each weekday, only to lose $30,000 a year. Picture schoolchildren throwing away cartons of protein- and calcium-rich milk, and drinking soda instead. Tessa Edick, for one, is sick of both scenarios. Ms. Edick endeavored to link these two seemingly disparate situations together and eliminate both problems in one fell swoop. The founder of both Culinary Partnership (a company specializing… Read More »

In the first few days of this new year, snow blanketed all corners of the State. It’s fitting that this fresh sheet of powder composed a visual blank slate to match the resetting of the calendar from 2013 to 2014. In the continuity of a long existence, transitioning from one 24-hour period to the next often doesn’t allow for the transformative change we might wish for. And yet… Read More »

The year is 1901. From May to November, millions alighted on Buffalo to explore the Pan-American Exposition, the world’s fair that showcased technological advancements. Well-suited to play host city, Buffalo was at that time the eighth largest city in the United States (with a population of approximately 350,000) and had excellent access to train lines, making a visit to town viable for many visitors. A major feature of… Read More »

George Eastman’s story is a classic tale of being in the right place at the right time, with the right skill set. A self-taught man, he was employed as a bank clerk and first assistant bookkeeper at Rochester Savings Bank from 1874 to 1880. Mr. Eastman took up photography in his spare time, reading all the European photography magazines he could get his hands on and apprenticing with… Read More »

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